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 Monday, September 26, 2016

With over 2,500,000 Australian domain names already taken, it’s virtually impossible to find a great, brandable name for your business.  This is truly one of Australia’s premium names that may never be seen for sale again.  If you would like to purchase this domain, please go to the bottom of this page and submit your offer.

But before you do, please take a minute to read the information below on how to value a domain.  A number of people are being approached over the next few days so the information below will help guide you in making a suitable offer that will be seriously considered.

How Much Is A Domain Worth?

There isn’t any one company that can give you an accurate valuation of a domain, however there is some due diligence you can apply and some basic formulas that will help you see a direct ‘financial’ return on investment.  You should also consider that on top of  obvious ‘financial’ benefits, a domain has emotional value and brand value which are very hard to put a price on. So whilst the 5 points below are not going to give you a “definitive” way to value a domain, they will give you ideas that will help you estimate what a domain might be worth.

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1. Search Volume And Click Value

Some domains have face value (brand name, easy recall etc) but some domains also have a real ‘financial value’.

To get the ‘financial value’ of a domain, you need to consider what traffic you would get if you were the number 1 result when someone searched for you in Google – and what other business owners are willing to pay Google to run their ad on the side of the results to get that same volume of traffic.

To do this we use a tool that Google provides for free called the Google Keyword Tool.

The keyword tool shows that 9,900 people search for the keyword contained in this domain – and businesses are currently paying Google $2.09 each time someone clicks on their ad.

It’s a proven statistic that 42% of all people will click on the first result presented by Google. As an exact match domain, this will shoot to the number 1 spot with relative ease and in the case of this domain, that means you will get 4,158 clicks each month visiting your site for free.

So to put that in perspective, you will get 89 visitors per month. Since others are already willing to pay Google $2.09 per click, it means you will be getting a financial value of $2.09 x 4,158 clicks each month, which is $8,691 in value each month.

That gives you $8,691 per month of value that others have to pay for. And you get it for free – each and every month forever.

Therefore if financial value was the ONLY criteria to value a domain, you might consider paying up to $104,283 for this domain, knowing you will get this back in visitor value within 12 months.


2. Brandability And Exclusivity

This is that difficult and subjective area.

Let’s firstly look at Exclusivity.   Who else can copy you?  How many words can you register as a domain name?  Each of the Oxford Dictionary and Webster’s Dictionary have around half a million words. And according to AUda (which is the official administrator of all domain sales in Australia), over two and half million domains have already been registered in Australia.

That means not only every one word domain is gone, but also most 2 word and even 3 word domains are mostly gone.

This domain is not only brandable and memorable, it’s also very exclusive and no one in Australia can have it except one person

What about Brandability?  Does the name convey confidence or provoke some purpose.  How frequently is the name used in everyday conversation, how easy is the name to relate to.  What would the cost and effort be to make customers aware of the name compared to another less user friendly name.  Is the name easy to remember.  These are all branding type questions you should ask.

3. Domain Sales Evidence

Finding information relating to comparable premium domains in Australia is not easy as most of these domains are sold privately, not published, or are subject to some form of confidentiality agreement.

However, when it comes to premium domain names in general, there have been a couple of public cases – sold for $65, sold for $125,000, sold for $250,000 and sold for $1.6 million.

4. Resale value

A domain name gives you value while you’re using it.  There’s a return on your investment as you go along.  But there may come a time when you want to sell it.  So it’s important to know that a domain name is a growing investment, – something that you CAN sell. And as more and more domains get registered, these premium names will only get more valuable as they become more and more scarce.

5. People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

One final note about a premium domain.  When you have a premium domain name you automatically lift the perception of your business to that of a professional powerhouse.  People do judge a book by it’s cover.  Securing a premium domain name is like having John Grisham or Agatha Christie on the cover of your book.

So whilst I haven’t finished with a valuation or a suggested price, I hope I have opened your eyes to the value and the potential of the domain.

If you have a desire to be the only person in Australia to own this domain,
please do submit an offer before someone else does and we will seriously consider it.

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