Chiropractic: what it is and what it is used for

What is chiropracticChiropractic refers the structural problems of the body to imbalances between joints and nerves and in particular those that involve the spinal column , which are able to generate dysfunctions in our body, especially in the central and peripheral nervous system.

The spinal cord, the major communication pathway of the nervous system, transmits the orders given by the brain to the rest of the body.A disturbance in the spine can interfere with the nerves coming out of it. The term for this misalignment or block is called ‘ subluxation ‘.

This can give rise to various symptoms such as back pain , cervical pain , headache, shoulder pain, paraesthesia in the limbs, sciatica and various other, more or less serious discomforts. These symptoms can be caused by this ‘crushing’ or interference with our nerves when leaving the column, radiating towards the rest of the body.

The main difference that distinguishes chiropractic from other health professions is represented by the so-called adjustment maneuver . A fundamental point is the conception according to which the restoration of the correct state of the column is able to lead the body to self-healing .

Born in the United States in the late nineteenth century, the art of chiropractic has long hindered from the traditional medical academies. According to a US estimate, chiropractic today is one of the most widespread natural healing methods in the world, the third largest health profession in the United States by number of practitioners. Benefits and contraindications of chiropractic care has a positive effect on disorders of the musculoskeletal system, common disorders caused by microtraumas, stress and incorrect lifestyle. Chiropractic manipulation relieves pain, allowing the abandonment of drug therapies .

However, before undergoing this treatment, a patient will need to make sure that the chiropractor he or she addresses has a degree from a university recognized by the WFC or the ECU. Often, unqualified operators improvise chiropractors, endangering the health of potential patients, also causing damage to the image of chiropractic.

Who is and what does the chiropractor do?Chiropractor For whom chiropractic is usefulA chiropractor can be contacted at any age and for different purposes and for treatment. Athletes implement muscle performance, but patients who suffer from back pain, neck pain, dizziness, asthma, anxiety and depression also benefit .The elderly , through chiropractic, are able to maintain greater joint mobility, avoiding anti-inflammatories and consequent side effects.

Chiropractic adjustments, performed by qualified chiropractors , are safe, effective and useful in the case of low back or acute cervical pain that often also involve muscle spasms. Following adjustment, the patient immediately recovers part of the mobility and experiences a noticeable decrease in the state of pain.

Chiropractic adjustment is extremely effective in cases of cervical pain, when nerves are involved resulting in pain, paresthesia and weakness of the shoulders, arms and hands. By correcting the neck associated vertebrae , these upper limb disorders can be minimized or eliminated.This is also possible in the case of many headaches in which the real cause lies in an irritation of the nerves and neck muscles . In addition to bone and muscle problems, chiropractic is incisive in resolving situations such as asthma, gastritis, constipation and, sometimes, menstrual pain.

The law in Italy and abroadFor those wishing to undertake the path leading to the specialist degree in Doctor of Chiropractic it is necessary great passion and above all a spirit of sacrifice. To this must be added the availability and the possibility of studying abroad . In the current state of affairs, the future Italian chiropractor has only one way ahead: to attend a foreign university recognized by the CCE.In the six years of study it is also included a training period to be carried out in university clinics that use chiropractic methodologies.

Since December 2007, chiropractic has also been recognized in Italy. The legalization of the chiropractor profession , promoted by chiropractors since the foundation of the Italian Chiropractors Association, came with the inclusion of an amendment within the 2008 financial law.