Transport chair

Transport chairs are essentials in the life of people living with disabilities, an integral part of their life. They are lightweight, with narrow moveable chairs that are a combination of wheelchair functionality and the maneuvering power of a walker or rollator. Transport wheelchairs are designed to be moved with assistance from a caregiver because their tiny wheels can pose as a hindrance for the wheelchair user in propelling themselves.

These transport chairs can be bought as an added device for mobility homes, vacations, excursions, and other outdoor events. Although manual transport wheelchairs aren’t the main means of transport by the user, a portable power chair or lightweight transport scooter can satisfy these needs.

What differentiates a transport chair from a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are designed for individuals who have no challenge propelling themselves with their arms. On the contrary, the conventional, non-electric transport chair requires assistance by a partner or caregiver in pushing the user around. They are suitable for individuals who can’t operate the regular wheelchair and are used in hospitals and airports.

If you have difficulty propelling yourself and moving around, a transport chair may be a worthy investment for you. With this in mind, transport chairs are portable, lightweight and even foldable, a perfect choice for people with limitations to movement, but love travelling.

How much does a transport wheelchair weigh?

Transport wheelchairs are available in varying sizes and weights. The choice of the most suitable option for you is dependent on various factors, which include your weight, how often you’ll be lifting the chair and added features you want in your chair.

An ultralight wheelchair can weigh about 19 pounds or less, yet provide support to a person weighing 300 pounds. Such models, together with lightweight foldable wheelchairs, are a minimalist option. Always remember that the more luxury a transport chair has, the more it will weigh. Although lightweight transport chairs are known to weigh 25 pounds or less, some weigh more than 35 pounds and more. These models may look like regular wheelchairs.

What is the width of a transport wheelchair?

Due to their small wheels and fewer accessories, most transport chairs are narrower than conventional wheelchairs.

Transport chairs are thin and are usually a few inches wider than the size of their seat cushion. Meanwhile, the standard wheelchairs are about 8 inches wider than the size of their seat cushion because of their large wheels.

How to choose a transport chair?

Like most items in the store, it could get confusing when you do not have a prior idea of what you intend to purchase. You should check out several options to ascertain the transport chair that meets your specific needs.

Ideally, you should list out your preferred features before researching on transport chairs so that you won’t be swayed by the great features of some transport chairs online. Lowest price, storage area in your home, chair weight, duration and frequency of use are some of the features to consider before choosing your transport chair.

Nowadays, you don’t need to visit a store physically to choose from the different types of transport chairs. The online marketplace has taken over, and you should harness this opportunity to choose the best deal for yourself. Check out trusted stores online, make your choice based on your preferred features and purchase your transport chair.